Monday, 4 August 2014

bumpy roads

Well, we are now over half way through our trek. After flying through the prairies we are back into the hilly turrain that is northern Ontario. We have had a few hiccups these past few days. John flatted 3 or 4 times and had to bike 110km on a tire with a slow leak (pumping it back up every 10km) and I broke my cleat and taped my shoe to my pedal for a couple days. That being said we are all fixed up now and ready to take on the rest of Ontario.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

pedalling through the prairies

We have travelled quite a distance since my last blog post. We have made it to Manitoba and are just a couple a days away from Winnipeg (only one day with a good tail wind). The prairies has been good so far and the wind gods have given us strong tail winds. Our second day in the prairies was our only bad head wind day and arguably the toughest of the trip but luckily it didn't last and we are making excellent time. The prairies are quite a bit different then British Columbia because in BC you knew what was coming ahead (lots of mountains) and could mentally prepare. In the prairies we wake up each day looking at the fields and praying that the grass is blowing towards east.

In other news it is drowning prevention week so be on the lookout for activities going on in your city. The next 4 weeks is when the greatest number of drownings occur so as always stay safe.

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Sunday, 6 July 2014

day 5

As day 5 comes to a close, we are resting up in west kelowna for the night. We have already met a large amount of diverse great people, from an old German guy known as the king of cheese to a young nurse eager to see the world. The hospitality of British Columbia has been excellent. I have enjoyed the motivation that passing cars give us as we climb the BC mountains. People have been very willing to give us a shower and a bed for the night which is much better then sleeping outside with the bears (I may have a slight fear of bear attacks).

In terms of bike milage today was our longest and hardest day so far. We road 120km from merrit to kelowna passing over a mountain summit at 1700m above sea level. The climb was long and the descent was cold and rainy but we made it to Kelowna in relatively good time. Tomorrow we are headed to Vernon before making the long trek to Revelstoke the day after.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

The journey begins

We have arrived in Vancouver to start our cross Canada journey. It started with an early morning plane ride departing at 6:50am from Toronto. After a couple of action movies we arrived safely in Vancouver. Bikes in hand we then made the trek to North Vancouver where our ride was waiting to pick us up. This was an adventure in itself as we took a skyrail/subway, and ferry all without ever stepping outside. After catching our ride we hopped into a little truck and headed to Squamish BC. 

After arriving we set or sights on the task of putting our bikes together. Set up went well minus some rubbing from our disc brakes. After what felt likes hours of aimlessly tightening and loosening the brakes we gave up and headed to the bike store. After showing up the mechanic took about 5 minutes to fix what we couldn't, all while watching the world cup. After paying him with a 6 pack (apparently that is a common form of payment around here) we were good to go.

We are staying the night with one of John's family friends before heading out on our bikes tomorrow!

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Woodstock and Other Stuff

This years tri season has started for me with Multisport Canada's race in Woodstock. The race is really well organized every year and the venue is excellent.  Each year the race gets better and better with a deeper field of fast athletes. I didn't know what to expect this season because I have been focusing on a lot of other things (including preparation for a bike across Canada) but I figured I would go out there and give it my all regardless. I raced hard and although i didn't have my best result ever I am still happy with the effort I put in.

Moving forward I will be racing at Binbrook and Welland before heading on a bike across Canada with fellow Lifeguard John Carey. We intend on raising drowning awareness and fundraising for the Lifesaving Societies Swim to Survive program which teaches children in grades 3 and 5 how to swim.

Stay tuned for more updates as we get closer to our departure date.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

The mental Game

A few weekends a go I had the opportunity to represent the university of Guelph at the OUA swimming Championships. This is always a big meet for me where I get to show everyone what I've got and it's where I get the chance to make the CIS championships.

 The first day of the meet was the 400m free and I was hoping to qualify for CIS that morning and not worry about qualifying the rest of the meet. In the end I swam a 4:01 (added 3 seconds) and missed the cut by a couple seconds. After the race I was told by some people that I "wasn't ready for the meet". These were not the words of encouragement I was looking for and it starting taking a toll on my mentality (which is not good considering I still had two days of swimming). I looked to my triathlon coach, Craig Taylor for some words of motivation and he told me something that helped me immensely. Along with others words of encouragement he said whenever you are doubting yourself just take one deep breath and focus on what you can control. 

The following day was the 1500m and I was in the fastest heat racing at finals. That morning I was feeling rather defeated from the previous day but I took my coaches words to heart and stayed calm. By the time the race came around I was fired up and ready to go. I finished the race in a time of 16:05.97 missing the CIS time standard by just 0.3 of a second. As soon as I realized what had happened my mind started racing with what ifs. What if I didn't mess up a wall, what if I slept more last night, what if my reaction time off the blocks was just a little faster. At the end of the day none of that mattered. The the race was over and there was nothing more I could do. I still have some big races the next day and I needed to perform. 

The final day I had the 200m free and the 4x100m free relay. Once again I was feeling defeated in the morning and my 200m time reflected it. It however was still fast enough to get me into finals that night where I would race it again along with the 4x100m relay. Once again I thought of my coaches encouraging words and got fired up for finals one last time. I went a 1:52.1 in the 200m freestyle and although I didn't make the CIS standard I went a best time (the first of the meet). My fellow teammate however did not have the race he was looking for and was down on himself. We still had the relay that night and I needed him to perform so we could make it to the CIS championships. I told him what Craig told me to try and get him back to the mentality that he needed to be at. Our relay ended up doing incredibly well and we made the time standard by over 2 seconds, qualifying for the CIS championships! 

Although OUA championships was not my best meet in terms of performance I feel that I overcame the most mental obstacles I have ever had to deal with in my racing career. The swim meet was a whirlwind of emotion but in the end I came out on top. 

I would like to give a huge thanks to my coach, Craig Taylor for helping me out along the way and I would also like to thank my teammates for crushing that relay.

Now it's time for me to gear up for an exciting triathlon season. I have a lot of workout hours to put in still but I am looking forward to the challenge. I am also looking forward to having continued support from Multisport Zone, 2XU, Cervelo, and Multisport Canada. I couldn't do it without you guys.

reaction after finishing the relay and making CIS

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Races, Races, Races

I have fallen a bit behind on my race reports over the past month so I figured I would tell you guys what I have been up to.

Since a slightly disappointing race in Edmonton I have had a few more successful races under my belt. I came back home to race locally in Huronia. The race is put on by Multisport Canada and is very well organized and a great venue. I came out of the water in the lead along side a fellow swimmer before gaining a lead on him during the bike. I biked fairly well only being passed by one other person on the bike. We started the run together and pushed each other for the 5km run. Eventually I pulled away from him to take the victory.

Huronia Podium

After Huronia I headed to Ottawa for what I thought was going to be triathlon provincials. The morning of the race they decided the bacteria levels in the water were too high and the race was turned into a duathlon. In doing so my best part of the triathlon was gone, just like that. Regardless of the situation, I raced hard and was fairly happy with the result. After the first run I was trailing the lead pack by a bit and ended up in the first chase pack. I quickly made my way to the front of my pack and got the packed organized. We worked well together and caught the lead pack during the first loop of the two loop bike. In the end I ran myself to a 6th place finish.

Ottawa duathlon start

Finally, I headed to Bracebridge for another Multisport Canada race. The race was a time trial start which always adds a bit of excitement to racing. I was the first person to start which meant everyone was going to be trying to chase me down. I lead out of the water and never looked back. I finished the race first overall with no complaints. Multisport Canada always puts on great races and Bracebridge did not disappoint.

Me and the sis on the podium at Bracebridge

I would like to say thanks to Multisport Zone, 2XU, Cervelo, and Multisport Canada for all the support they have given me thus far.