Sunday, 1 April 2012

Saved by Nutella

Last Tuesday was the start of Olympic Trials and thus the biggest meet of my swimming career. Over the course of the week I raced the 200m, 400m, and 1500m freestyle respectively. The 200m took place on the first day of the meet, in which I happened to be in the first heat consisting of only three people. I was racing another Guelph swimmer to my right, and a University of Guelph Alumni to my left. The pressure was on and the chirps were coming out. After being a body length behind after the 50m mark, I came back to win the heat by a couple of seconds. It was a good start to the meet and overall I finished 80th out of 120 people. I had a day off to relax before my 400m free on Thursday. 

I stayed at a hotel that was only a 5min walk from the pool. This made things super convenient. However, there was only one restaurant within walking distance. It was a Swiss Chalet like restaurant called Scores. After the first day I knew I was going to get tired of Chicken really quickly (seeing as everything on the menu had chicken... quarter chicken, chicken salad, chicken warps, you get the idea). Luckily, I had with me one of the best food combinations ever invented... Nutella and bread. I knew that I would never get tired of Nutella sandwiches and so I was set for the week.

After a rather uneventful day of relaxation in the hotel, I was prepared for the 400 free. In the morning I felt good in warm up and I was excited to race (maybe a bit too excited, but I will get to that). I swam an 11 second best time which left me quite happy with my race… until I found out I got disqualified. While on the blocks, prior to the start of the race, I heard a sound from the crowd that I mistook for the start beep and I flinched right before the race started. You are not allowed to move at all before the start and although me flinching did not provide an advantage, I was disqualified from the 400m. That being said I wasn't overly upset because I still had the big 1500m coming up in a couple of days. I had to deal with a few chirps about my "false start" but I had it coming.

Once again I had a rest day before my 1500m on Saturday. After another uneventful day in the hotel I was ready to race. When Saturday rolled around I was pretty anxious and a little nervous. I was in the last heat of 1500s, so after waiting around for what seemed like an eternity, at around 2pm it was my time to shine. Standing behind the blocks (with dubstep blaring into my headphones) I looked across the pool at the big screen to see myself on TV. This was it... the race I had been waiting all week for. After stripping down to my race suit and getting up on the blocks, all I could think about was not flinching before the start. I probably had the slowest start out there but I didn't get disqualified, so that's all that matters. I went out very fast as if I was racing another 400m race but after a few hundred metres I settled into a good pace. At the 800m mark I was faster than my current 800m best time by 12 seconds. I ended up beating my old 1500m best time by 23 seconds and I placed 45th overall.

After a quick warm down I got into a van with a couple Brantford swimmers and BAC coach Tom to head back home. We were all happy to be done, and the mood in the van was high. The techno and trance music was pumping and the 7-hour ride was one to remember.

here is the song I listened to before the 1500m. enjoy.

Thanks Multisport Zone and TYR for all the support.

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