Saturday, 12 May 2012

Iron Chef Derek

Well... it's been a while since I have done a blog post and I have been busy. I had some extremely stressful fun times writing my exams and finishing off 2nd year. I then packed up a bag and headed to the Bahamas for a cruise. I think I ate my weight in food everyday on the cruise. Luckily there was a track and gym on the ship so I didn't leave 200lbs heavier. In the Bahamas we did some snorkelling which was a nice adventure.We saw a sea turtle and a bunch of colourful fish.  Luckily I didn't encounter a "sucking fish" because according to the instructors you are supposed to fight them off of you...

My dad and I getting ready to snorkel

Still looking fit even after all the food

After getting back from the cruise I had a couple weeks in Guelph before getting on a plane with RTC for Sedona, AZ and the beginning of altitude camp. There were a few hiccups including a dead car battery but we eventually made it to our new home for the next couple weeks. It is day 3 and training is going well. I started the morning off well with a beautiful and slightly hilly trail run. Besides triathlon training coach is apparently a master chef and I am in intense culinary training as well. I can now add guacamole dip and fajitas to my cooking knowledge. 

 One hour morning shuffle
I would also like to say thanks to Multisport Zone and TYR for the new swag. check out MSZ new website here.

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