Monday, 2 July 2012

Off to the Races

The tri season is well on its way and with all the training, racing, and summer fun I have fallen a little behind on my race reports. I am three races into the season and overall things are going pretty well.

I started the season off with a short triathlon in Woodstock. I had just got back from training camp in Sedona so I was ready to go. Since it was the first race I put a lot of focus on the little things like fast transitions and running fast out of the water to my bike. After gaining a lead on the swim I managed to hold off everyone on the bike and run my way to a first place finish. I also managed to win some XX2i sunglasses in a draw prize so it was a pretty successful day.

A couple weeks later I woke up nice and early to head to Binbrook for my second triathlon of the season. From when I got up to when the race started it was pouring rain. I tried to not let it bother me as I did my usual race preparations. When the race started I put my swim background to good use and managed come out of the water with a nice lead. On the bike the roads were wet so I knew to be cautious. I obviously wasn't cautious enough because 25km into the 30km ride my bike slid out from under me on a corner and I went skidding into the gravel. I got back up, shaken, bruised and bloody with no serious injuries. However, I sprained my thumb, and took a nice chunk out of my hip so my race was done for the day.

Another couple weeks after my unfortunate race in Binbrook I was ready to redeem myself in Welland. It was a time trial start with everyone leaving 5 seconds after one another. I was happy to start first out of the few hundred people. Once again I was out of the water first. I knew on the bike people would be chasing me so I took the first 10km of the 30km bike fast. Maybe a bit too fast... I couldn't quite hold the pace I was going and slowed a bit on the last half. I still averaged 39km/h on the bike which is an improvement from last year. After a solid run I finished 3rd overall.

I race in Magog Quebec for my first ever elite u23 race in a couple weeks so stay tuned for another race report.

Thanks Multisport Zone and TYR for all the support.  

First ever tri


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