Sunday, 12 August 2012

Just like the Good old Days

Last weekend I headed to Ottawa for triathlon provincials. I had raced this race a couple times before but this year was different. I was no longer racing as a junior but as an elite. The race is a sprint distance with all the guys starting together. There were about 10 elites and 60 juniors. Before the race it felt like I was back to the good old days of junior series racing because everywhere I looked there were junior athletes.

The swim in Ottawa is always disastrous interesting with tons of guys in a tight area fighting for position. After a few difficult strokes I managed to break free of the mayhem and swim near the front of the pack. I came out of the water somewhere in the top 10 and in a very comfortable position without working too hard.

The lead bike pack ended up being pretty large. Probably around 20-25 guys. I knew my biking had improved so I wasn't afraid to take pulls at the front. I was pretty comfortable throughout the bike and I was confident I could respond to any attacks.

I came off the bike near the front of the lead pack and I had a pretty quick transition. Going out on the run a bunch of people from the lead pack passed me early on. Throughout the first half of the run I slowly reeled people in one by one. On the second half of the run my pace slowed a bit and a few people passed me back but I still finished with a respectable 5th place.

I can only be happy with how races are going this year and I am looking forward to my next elite race in Buffalo.

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