Thursday, 6 June 2013

Woodstock and Dallas Race Report

Well here we are again... Summer has begun and with summer comes triathlon season. After a successful swim season, medalling at OUA championships for the 1500m free and setting a new PB of 15:51 I was happy to say goodbye to swim season and set my sights on triathlon season once again.

My season started off with a sprint race in Woodstock. I have done this race for the past few years and I find it a great tune up race leading into the season. Multisport Canada always puts on a great race with a beautiful venue and my favourite part... free chocolate milk!

Looking pretty fit, just after mounting my
bike at Woodstock

Just two weeks after Woodstock I headed to Dallas for my first continental cup race of the season. Dallas is known for its incredibly hot temperatures but I was prepared. I had done heat training leading up to the race by setting my bike up in Coach CT's bathroom with a space heater on full blast.

On race day the temperature did not disappoint.  I believe it was about 33 degrees, feeling like 44 degrees. When I got to the race site I set up my transition and ended up waiting around for a bit. Since it was so hot outside I decided to only do a swim warmup which gave me quite a bit of time to spare. During the swim warm up I was feeling really good in the water, and ready to race. 

I had a high race number so I did not get to choose a great starting position but I was not too worried because I was confortable with my swimming abilities to get out fast and have clear water. When the race started I dove in the water and took 4 dolphin kicks. When I came up I had done what I planned and had clear water. After the first of two loops on the swim I was sitting around 3rd which is right where I wanted to be. After completing most of the second and last loop I was still sitting around third and I was extremely comfortable. I was in a groove and holding a comfortable tempo pace, thats when things took a turn for the worst. About 20m to go someone swimming beside me decided it was a good idea to test my kung fu skills, which I failed miserably at. I got punched in the back of the head and pulled under the water. I came up choking and disoriented and fell twice as I tried to exit the water. Running stumbling into transition I puked before getting to my bike. After mounting my bike the lead pack was only 5 seconds up the road but I was in no condition to catch them.

After settling for the second bike pack I was not in a good mood and still not feeling well. We were not working well together and quickly got caught by the third pack, making the pack about 20 people. We ended up losing a bit of time on the lead pack by the time the bike was over. 

Heading out for the run, my main focus was not over heating. During the first couple kilometres my legs were cramping quite a bit but after a couple kilometres it seemed to go away and I picked up the pace a bit. I finished 23rd out of 44. 

Dallas swim exit

I want to give a huge thanks to Multisport Zone, Cervelo, and Multisport Canada for all they have done for my triathlon career.

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