Thursday, 11 July 2013


A couple weeks ago I made my way to Barrie for the first annual endurance games (egames). I was happy to be selected for the elite race and ready to battle it out against my fellow competitors and friends. The race was a 400m swim, 6km bike, 2km run, 6km bike, and another 2km run.

Before the race start Simon Whitfield was announcing, laying down some friendly chirps and trying to get us pumped up. Once the race started (about two strokes into the swim) I felt a chilling rush of water into my wetsuit. My wetsuit zipper was pulled down and it started to fill with water. I felt like the stay puft marshmallow man as I struggled to maintain my stroke. With a couple failed attempts at trying to zip it back up I decided I would muscle my way through the 400m swim with a significant amount of drag. I came out of the water near the back, which is a weird feeling for me.

I had a fast (and slightly angry) first transition and mounted my bike for the 6km (6 loop) bike. I am a strong technical rider so the course was in my favour.

I finished the first bike feeling good about how I was riding and set out for the run. I ran my own pace and tried to stay as close to everyone as I could.

At the start of the second bike I was trailing a bit but I dug deep and caught up to a few other people before heading out for the second and final run. I was hurting a bit at this point but I finished strong with an 8th place finish.

I would like to thank Multisport Zone for everything they have done. I would also like to thank Cervelo, multisport Canada, and my new sponsor 2XU. Lastly I would like to give a huge thank you to one of my biggest supporters, my grandmother.

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