Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Edmonton Race report

Just one week after egames I headed to Edmonton for my first world cup race and u23 nationals. I was very nervous and excited to be racing at this level. Lucky I had got there a few days before the race to calm some of my nerves and do some final prep leading into the race.

I started on the far right, which is a farther swim compared to the left but I didn't have much of a choice with my high start number. It didn't seem to matter, because I quickly made my way to the front, sitting in the top 4 position. After rounding the first buoy of the 750m swim I was still at the front and swimming comfortably. Thats when things went down hill. I was still battling a shoulder injury from egames the past week. Although there wasn't too much pain I had lost some fitness being out of the pool for a week. I was unable to maintain the pace I would normally hold and I struggled to hold water.  I slowly fell back, ultimately missing lead pack.

After a disappointing swim I needed to regain focus for the 20km bike. Tyler Bredschneider and I worked together to minimize time loss on the large lead bike pack down the road.

Heading out for the 5km run I was not in the position I was hoping to be in but I didn't let that get to my head. I ran as hard as I could but once again I was inhibited by my shoulder. With every arm swing it was popping in the socket and it started to cramp up. I grit my teeth and finished 33 out of around 50 competitors.

Although it was not the race I was hoping for I am happy to experience my first World cup race and it won't be my last.

I would like to give a huge thanks to Multisport Zone, Multisport Canada, Cervelo, and 2XU for supporting me.


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