Tuesday, 22 July 2014

pedalling through the prairies

We have travelled quite a distance since my last blog post. We have made it to Manitoba and are just a couple a days away from Winnipeg (only one day with a good tail wind). The prairies has been good so far and the wind gods have given us strong tail winds. Our second day in the prairies was our only bad head wind day and arguably the toughest of the trip but luckily it didn't last and we are making excellent time. The prairies are quite a bit different then British Columbia because in BC you knew what was coming ahead (lots of mountains) and could mentally prepare. In the prairies we wake up each day looking at the fields and praying that the grass is blowing towards east.

In other news it is drowning prevention week so be on the lookout for activities going on in your city. The next 4 weeks is when the greatest number of drownings occur so as always stay safe.

If you would like more regular updates feel free to check us out on Facebook at:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lifesaving-Society-Pedal-for-Drowning-Prevention/302794703223082

If you want to hear more about why we are doing this or if you want to donate to the cause head to our website: jgc1506.wix. Com/crosscountrybiketrip

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