Tuesday, 1 July 2014

The journey begins

We have arrived in Vancouver to start our cross Canada journey. It started with an early morning plane ride departing at 6:50am from Toronto. After a couple of action movies we arrived safely in Vancouver. Bikes in hand we then made the trek to North Vancouver where our ride was waiting to pick us up. This was an adventure in itself as we took a skyrail/subway, and ferry all without ever stepping outside. After catching our ride we hopped into a little truck and headed to Squamish BC. 

After arriving we set or sights on the task of putting our bikes together. Set up went well minus some rubbing from our disc brakes. After what felt likes hours of aimlessly tightening and loosening the brakes we gave up and headed to the bike store. After showing up the mechanic took about 5 minutes to fix what we couldn't, all while watching the world cup. After paying him with a 6 pack (apparently that is a common form of payment around here) we were good to go.

We are staying the night with one of John's family friends before heading out on our bikes tomorrow!

1 comment:

  1. Looking forward to hearing about all of the journey. Hope you were watching the mechanic closely as you may want to use those brakes during the Rockies.
    (Dean Gugler aka Ontario Wanderer)